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Struggling to stay on top of your family's health and wellbeing? We've put together expert advice from our trusted consultants, and created BS-free guides to help you make sense of health insurance.

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Five-A-Day tips for healthier screen time

Expert Advice

Managing kids’ screen time can feel like a constant challenge, from the moment your baby first lunges for your iPhone to trying to get a teenager to look up from TikTok. There’s tonnes of advice out there, but how much of it is actually achievable, when this is just one of a million worries bouncin…

Dr Sanjiv Nichani OBE, Consultant Paediatrician, and Dr Samantha Jones, Consultant in Paediatric Emergency Medicine

How to keep your joints happy

Expert Advice

“Be kind to your knees - you’ll miss them when they’re gone.” There are many nuggets of wisdom in Baz Luhrman’s Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen) …

Mr Paul Parker

Hassle-free health insurance for the self-employed

Health Insurance Guide

If you’ve gone freelance, you’ll know it gives you freedom, flexibility, and an avalanche of admin. And if you’ve ever had health insurance - and dar…

The Kindred Team

Hitting the slopes? Here’s how to avoid a skiing injury

Expert Advice

If you’re planning a ski trip, reading this guide could be the best piece of prep you do. We’ve enlisted sports injury expert Mr Deepu Sethi to expla…

Mr Deepu Sethi, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Family health insurance: we’ve got you (all) covered

Health Insurance Guide

As a parent, your worrying is never done. It’s right there in the job description: it’s your responsibility to worry about every single thing, every …

The Kindred Team

3 signs it’s time to switch your health insurance

Health Insurance Guide

Remember how it was in the beginning, when you first got with your health insurer? You felt cared for, protected, and maybe you were given a nice new…

The Kindred Team

A psychiatrist's guide to managing stress

Expert Advice

The modern pace of life is rapid, encouraging constant productivity and information exchange. But it’s hard to strike a work-life balance with our ri…

Dr Geoff Isaacs, Consultant Psychiatrist