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About us

We’re not your typical health insurance provider: we’re an independent healthcare group, owned and managed by consultants.


Our origin story

While Kindred was only launched in 2023, our story actually stretches back to 2004. A simpler time, when Meta was just a website called TheFacebook, and Ugg boots went with everything. It was also the year that a group of doctors sat down in Birmingham and formed a cooperative, aimed at improving access to high-quality, local healthcare. This cooperative became Alliance Health Group, and it’s still led by doctors to this day.

Since 2012, Alliance has been trusted to deliver health insurance for some of the UK’s leading brands, like Rolls-Royce. With its caring, people-first approach, it has built a reputation for going above and beyond for its 13,000 members. Recently, the team at Alliance decided to go further and offer the same expert support to individuals and families. And so Kindred was created: a new health insurance brand providing real care for real life.

Some of our experts

Bruce Braithwaite

Bruce Braithwaite

Bruce Braithwaite MChir FRCS is a Consultant Vascular Surgeon and our Clinical Director. While he has a long list of accolades, his proudest achievement is beating Oxford in the Lightweight Boat Race.

Kim Farrier

Kim Farrier

Kim Farrier is our Operations Director, who makes sure all our members are cared for. She was born and raised in the Black Country, but her spiritual home is Disney World. (She’s been 10 times and counting.)

Neil Howlett

Neil Howlett

Neil Howlett is our founder and CEO. When he's not in the office, you’ll probably find him ski-touring somewhere in the Alps.

The Kindred experience

We have four guiding principles (and a penchant for the letter 'E').


We’re a kind and caring bunch of humans. We take the time to listen to your concerns and make sure you feel supported every step of the way.


Everyone at Kindred, from our care team to our consultants, are experts in what they do. We know the healthcare system inside out, and how to get the best outcome for you.


We’ve fine-tuned our processes to be as slick as possible, so you get rapid decisions, diagnoses and treatment.


When it comes to your health, you should feel in control. We provide support and guidance so you feel comfortable and confident with every decision.

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